Jebreeet… JAPONESQUE Travel Powder Brush

Conveniently sized for portability, the JAPONESQUE® Travel Powder Brush dusts the perfect amount of powder on skin for an even and polished look. Expertly constructed with a luxurious rounded tip, the natural bristles are specifically designed to diffuse a flawless application of powder over the face or body. The Powder Brush is excellent with loose translucent, mineral or bronzing powders for the face, as well as powders, bronzers and shimmers for the body.

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Wew… JAPONESQUE Travel Angled Eye Shadow Brush

Conveniently sized for portability, the JAPONESQUE® Travel Angled Eye Shadow Brush is the ultimate eye shadow tool for placing and blending color over the lid and brow. The innovative brush shape provides a flat oval surface that delivers a smooth application of color to the eye area. The brush tip reaches color into small corners of the eye. The unique angled brush head creates a comfortable hand position for color application, perfect for targeting hard to reach inner corners and creases.

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Get Now JAPONESQUE Double Pad Eyelash Curler

The innovative JAPONESQUE® Double Pad Eyelash Curler creates a deep, dramatic lash curl in a single squeeze. The double pad curls the lash in two places at once, curling the lash up and out, at the same time. Prevents kinked, pinched, or broken lashes often associated with traditional curlers. Compact and portable, the lever locks into place for consistent pressure for years to come.

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⤗ JAPONESQUE Lipstick Palette Kit

Perfect for creating your own unique Lipstick Palette with your favorite colors. No more waste when you get to the bottome of the lipstick tube. Small and compact palette is perfect for carrying in your purse or keeping in your desk drawer. Very convenient for travel. Easy to use-all you need is a microwave and your favorite lipstick colors.

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Buseett… JAPONESQUE Travel Eyeliner Brush, Flat

Conveniently sized for portability, the JAPONESQUE® Travel Eyeliner Brush allows for maximum control and easy application on-the-go. The firm bristles create sharp and defined lines at the lash. Place the Eyeliner Brush against the lash line and tap color across the eyelid, and below the lash line on the lower eye. Excellent with gel, liquid or powder products.

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✌ JAPONESQUE Clear Skin Tool

The JAPONESQUE® Clear Skin Tool is expertly crafted to deliver superior results. Designed with an innovative no-slip handle for control, this double loop stainless-steel extractor helps remove blemishes quickly and easily for clear, clean skin. The angled loop helps remove whiteheads, while the flat loop works to press out blackheads.

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